What’s Next for Progressives? Our Revolution is Just Beginning!

//What’s Next for Progressives? Our Revolution is Just Beginning!

What’s Next for Progressives? Our Revolution is Just Beginning!

Whats next for Progressives

Whats next for Progressives?

Candidates For Progress: Help Elect Progressives at All Levels of Government

Like many Bernie Sanders supporters, our Candidates for Progress team has been busy planning what’s next for Our Revolution. We’re building a site to change how voters engage in elections and politics. Want to find out who is running for office during the 2016 elections? CFP lists progressives now in the 2016 local, state, and national races. Recently, well-known Berniecrats in Congress like Tulsi Gabbard and Keith Ellison, won their primaries. Rising stars like Pramila Jayapal, Justin Bamberg and Jane Kim did, too. Our CFP mission is to make it easy for you to find, support and vote for candidates with progressive ideas and policies. We consider issues, not party ID. We’re dedicated to helping elect progressives from coast-to-coast and at all levels of government.

Our site connects voters with politicians who share our movement’s goals. You’ll know which politicians stand with you on universal healthcare and student loan debt. CFP shows you if a candidate agrees with you on Social Security, fossil fuel pipelines and other issues. You can also compare candidates’ policies with our ideal progressive policies (based on Bernie’s positions). In addition, our blog will cover politics, advance the goals of our movement and tell you how to run for office. We’ll introduce candidates, highlight issues and explain how you can become involved in politics.

AABD 2.0

The CFP team includes the same volunteers who created Adopt A Bernie Delegate to fund delegates’ journeys to the Philadelphia Democratic Convention. We’re phone bankers, texters, artists, writers and programmers who formerly came together for Bernie. Now, we’re creating a beautiful, useful and powerful progressive tool and a blog you’ll love. Importantly, CFP has no connection with any party. We welcome progressive, liberal, lefty, Independent, Green, and other candidates and readers who support a progressive platform and goals.

Our team vets every candidate before adding them to our site. Candidates answer questions about their positions on a range of progressive issues. CFP doesn't have an official test on any single issue. Instead, we determine which politicians show overall support for progressive laws and issues. You can easily submit a candidate to our site when you register as a member.

Throughout the presidential primaries, many Bernie voters believed that electing a new president wasn’t enough. We wanted a complete political transformation. As much as we needed change then, we need it even more now. Our common purpose continues. We power the revolution. CFP’s goal is to effect such change at every level of politics, from school boards to mayors to members of Congress. We also will support important state ballot measures. Bernie Sanders voters have already changed politics, nationwide. Next, progressives need to build on our grassroots base. We will need to learn from successful, local movements, as well.

Last month, Bernie campaigners Shailene Woodley, Rosario Dawson and Susan Sarandon joined Native Americans and thousands of activists in ongoing protests to stop the Dakota Access pipeline. In a historic move, Native American tribes from across the U.S., have joined the protest. People are flooding the White House with calls. Our Revolution continues and transforms, every day. CFP will support progressives on this path forward. Up until now, Bernie Sanders supporters have done amazing things. What we will yet achieve, politicians haven't even begun to imagine!

The Progressive Fight Continues: Our Revolution and the Path Forward

We’re heartbroken that Bernie Sanders didn’t win, but we must keep fighting for a future to believe in! Bernie Sanders inspired hundreds of thousands of people to become active in our democracy. Working together has driven our successes, and we must keep going. The San Diego County Admin building has a quote that reads, "Good government demands the intelligent interest of every citizen." Increasing this intelligent interest is one goal of Our Revolution and Candidates for Progress.

When we all get involved in politics and work in sync, we will achieve our progressive goals. Bernie Sanders showed the power of grassroots organizing. With the launch of Our Revolution, he is giving us the tools to continue our political revolution. Our Revolution will be led by grassroots leaders such as Nina Turner, Ben Jealous, Lucy Flores and others. Together, we will elect progressive politicians at all levels of government and fight to pass progressive ballot measures and laws.

One of our jobs is to elect champions. Not just people who will vote the right way most of the time, but people who will be champions. When we're in the trenches, when we're fighting desperately to win a battle like the keystone pipeline, these champions are absolutely crucial.

As Bill McKibben said in the OR launch, “One of our jobs is to elect champions. Not just people who will vote the right way most of the time, but people who will be champions. When we're in the trenches, when we're fighting desperately to win a battle like the keystone pipeline, these champions are absolutely crucial.” Doing this requires more than just voting. We must work hard every step of the way. Educate yourself, so you can teach others. Phone bank, canvass for local candidates and hand out flyers. Spread the word online and in person. Remind everyone you know to vote. Our Revolution has endorsed dozens of candidates already, and our Candidates for Progress directory lists many more. One of our goals at CFP is to list every single progressive running for office in America.

However, electing progressive candidates is not enough. We also need to fight for progressive and liberal policy changes. Stopping the TPP, ending Citizens United, creating a single-payer healthcare system, raising the minimum wage, expanding Social Security and protecting our environment are all top issues to focus on. Teach others about these issues and how to take action. Contact your legislators and let them know how crucial these issues are to us. Support progressive ballot measures and laws. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but, together, we will take back our democracy!

Not Me, Us: Our Progressive Victories

There is no denying that Bernie inspired activists to work hard for progressive causes and for his election. He encouraged us to stand up and be counted on the right side of social and political issues. Because of his example, we spoke with one voice about fairness, equality and justice. Unfortunately, the political system that needs to change tried to silence that voice.

Many supporters feel discouraged now, despite Bernie’s strong campaign. Voter suppression in Arizona, New York, Nevada and California hurt the campaign. The press made excuses while party leaders remained silent. Despite it all, Bernie won 46% of the elected delegates. Imagine the results had the process been fair! Though it’s very frustrating, it also should be our inspiration, because so many of us are fighting together.

Throughout his career, Bernie Sanders has fought for what is constitutional and right. Those battles were not easy. Nor were all successful. But Bernie never lost focus on the goal. That is how he rose up from a young activist to an experienced presidential contender. He learned the system and developed strategies. That work made him an effective politician. He has already transformed America. Our collective efforts for a progressive agenda made that progress possible.

This has been a fantastic year for the progressive revolution. Progressives put our causes and our values at the forefront of every debate in federal and state campaigns. We changed the national conversation about issues, including the TPP, Citizens United, global warming, universal healthcare, wealth inequality, racial profiling and Wall Street abuses.  Our efforts changed the focus of voters and reshaped the Democratic Party platform.

Over the last year, we saw $15 minimum wage laws passed in CA & NY. We fought against for-profit-prisons.  We stood up against ridiculous pharmaceutical prices and stopped the Keystone pipeline. Progressives running for office, are replacing moderate and conservative opponents. Bernie Sanders shook up the Democratic Party, but he couldn’t have done it alone.

All of the victories are thanks to our combined efforts. Whether you volunteered by phone banking, texting, campaigning on social media, canvassing door-to-door, hosting community discussions, providing background support or even just voting, you made the progressive movement what it is today. You gave the political revolution momentum!

Real change never ever takes place from the top on down. It’s not some guy signing a bill. It always takes place from the bottom up, when millions of people come together and demand fundamental change in the country.

As Bernie has said: “Real change never ever takes place from the top on down. It’s not some guy signing a bill. It always takes place from the bottom up, when millions of people come together and demand fundamental change in the country.” You demanded that change and change happened because of you. Now, we have to see it through and maintain it.

Progressives and Birdiecrats march on

Progressives and Birdiecrats march on

This year was about creating many leaders, at all levels of government, for years to come. “Not me, Us.” When we stand together, we are stronger than the status quo. We must learn from what we’ve achieved. We must stay woke, be aware of those who would divide us and keep focused.

We've accomplished so much and we cannot give up now. Join us here at Candidates For Progress and make Our Revolution last!.

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