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Welcome to Candidates For Progress

Welcome to Candidates For Progress. Our team includes the same dedicated volunteers who created AdoptABernieDelegate.com. Candidates For Progress is a purely volunteer-made and powered site. Our goal here is to help elect progressives at all levels of government, from the local to the federal level. Our site includes a current, location-based directory for progressive candidates. Bernie Sanders is working hard to put progressive candidates in office through his grassroots organization. We're here to help voters do the same.

How we can help you decide which candidate is right for you:

At Candidates For Progress, our goal is to help elect progressives at all levels of government. To assist you in deciding if a candidate is right for you, we've come up with a set of ideal policy plans by which you can measure each candidate. These ideal policy plans are based on Bernie Sanders’ plans, for each issue. You can see how the candidate you’re considering measures up to Bernie.

One of the most enduring ideas in our country’s democracy was born out of our nation’s civil war. Out of the pain, the loss and the strife, Abraham Lincoln delivered these words, words that would resonate with Americans until this very day: our government would be “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

In every generation since, we have struggled anew to attain this worthy goal. Our movement will have to fight to build a truly representative government. We must work to appoint Supreme Court justices who will immediately overturn Citizens United. We must pass a constitutional amendment that will reaffirm congressional and state powers to regulate campaign finance. Progressives must implement public financing and transparency in our campaign finance system. Our new system will be based on small donations and will allow our politicians, once again, to represent all of the people, rather than representing the special interests and big money donors. Legislation like the Fair Elections Now Act will be key to restoring our democracy. We must eliminate Super PACs. Building a government truly representative of the people means that enacting campaign finance reform must be paired with restoring the Voting Rights Act, bolstering early voting, stopping gerrymandering and finally making election day a national holiday, so that work schedules are no longer a barrier to voting.

Our ideal progressive plan for Getting Big Money Out of Politics and Restoring Democracy is based on Bernie Sanders plan.

Income and wealth inequality is the overarching issue of our time. Our progressive movement must address this urgent moral and economic crisis through our political policies. Meeting this challenge requires us to enact a wide range of policies. No one fix will do. Our government cannot stand by while the poorest among us are dying just for being poor.

For decades, workers have not shared in the increase of wealth that their labor created. Men’s real median income is $783 less than it was 42 years ago. Women’s real median income is over $1,300 less than it was in 2007. In response, progressives should enact tax plans that require wealthy individuals and corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. We must stop the transfer of wealth away from the 99%. Because a full-time worker should not live in poverty, we should gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020. The decades-long decline in union membership is a central factor in the parallel decline in workers’ wages and benefits. One remedy for the decline of unions is the Employee Free Choice Act, a law that would make it easier to join unions. The federal government should invest in infrastructure projects that employ Americans, including those that employ disadvantaged youth. Essential to fixing wealth and income inequality are fair family leave, sick leave and paid vacation policies, as well as universal childcare and pre-kindergarten programs. We can no longer leave our economy vulnerable to large financial institutions that have excessive influence over the economic health of our country and citizens; we must break up the big banks.

See also our ideal Fair Trade and TPP, Health and Healthcare, Strengthen and Expand Social Security and Tuition-Free and Debt-Free College policy plans. Our model progressive plan regarding Income and Wealth Inequality is based on Bernie Sanders’s plan for Income and Wealth Inequality.

An educated and highly-skilled workforce is essential to our country’s economic and social growth. Our competitive, global economy requires educated workers. In terms of qualifications for jobs, a college degree today is equivalent to what a high-school degree represented, decades ago. Progressives should prioritize education, the path through which we can build a country with less income and wealth inequality.

It makes no sense that Americans can get an auto loan today with an interest rate of 2.5%, but millions of college graduates are forced to pay interest rates of 5-7% or more for decades, on their education loans. A car loan can also be refinanced if interest rates drop, but not a student loan. Our movement should allow refinancing of education loans.

Making college affordable is not such a radical idea; affordable college systems used to exist in the U.S.. Until the 1980s, California’s university system had free tuition. In 1965, City University of New York didn’t even charge tuition. Tuition for other universities was about $243. As progressives, we should implement tuition and debt-free college, once again. We should stop our government from profiting off student loans and cut interest rates for these loans. The lowest income students should have 100% of their costs covered through financial aid and work-study programs. Our progressive college policies will free Americans from decades of student debt and make U.S. workers competitive again in our international economy.

Our ideal progressive plan for Tuition-Free and Debt-Free College is based upon the Bernie Sanders plan: It’s Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free.

Throughout our country and the entire world, humans are suffering dire effects due to climate change. Massive floods, extreme droughts and unprecedented numbers of wildfires continue to plague the U.S.. Yet, our politicians still haven’t done enough to combat climate change. Progressives need to take immediate action, before the effects of climate change worsen dramatically.

Economic disincentives are necessary to reduce global warming, increase clean energy jobs, and provide energy independence. We can move forward on energy by taxing carbon pollution, repealing fossil fuel subsidies and making massive investments in sustainable energy, including in wind and solar power. We can then return billions of dollars to working families to ensure that fossil fuel companies don’t subject our citizens to unfair rate hikes. Banning fossil fuel lobbyists from working in the White House and ending their influence over our laws and politics are both key to a progressive plan. We also should recognize the disproportionate impact that climate change events have on minority communities. Citizens United has impacted global warming, as this decision enabled the wealthy to spend unlimited and undisclosed money to assert undue influence on both our elected officials and our energy policy. Additionally, General Electric must be held accountable for 30 years of dumping PCBs into the Hudson River and for turning the river into the largest Superfund cleanup project. Finally, fracking must end, and projects such as the Constitution Pipeline, which encourage fracking and dependency on natural gas, must be stopped.

Our model progressive plan for Climate and Environment is based on the following Bernie Sanders plans:

Since its founding, immigrants have called our country home. These immigrants have enriched every aspect of our uniquely American life. American immigration policies have not always reflected our country’s best nature. Many times, we turned inward when we should have offered refuge. Other times, we treated our immigrants shamefully. How we determine who can immigrate to this country and how we treat our immigrants will be at the heart of our progressive movement.

In our modern era, numerous immigration reforms have mostly benefitted industry, but not enough benefits have gone to our communities and potential immigrants. Our immigration policies have resulted in unscrupulous employers exploiting immigrant and guest workers. These workers are currently bound by law and lack of enforcement, to their employers. Progressives should allow immigrant and guest workers to purchase health insurance through federal healthcare programs. Given the economic benefits of these workers’ labor, granting access to healthcare is fair and just. Such coverage would also reduce the current cost burden on taxpayers from immigrant healthcare costs. A progressive approach to immigration reform will keep families together in order to benefit both workers and economic productivity. We will repeal laws and regulations that unfairly punish immigrants for minor infractions.

We should provide a fair pathway to citizenship for DREAMers and for immigrants whose efforts have benefitted both our economy and our communities. In our immigration decisions, we should always consider the best interests of children, whether the children were born in the U.S. to immigrants and to guest workers or were born outside the country. A progressive agenda must include recognition of our obligations to refugees from other nations, whether these refugees are escaping violence, political oppression, or economic disadvantage. Finally, a progressive approach to immigration requires us to use our limited resources wisely on technological approaches, such as high-grade cameras, thermal imaging, movement sensors and on training and oversight; we should not spend resources on failed and ineffective projects such as the border fence.

Our ideal progressive plan for A Fair and Humane Immigration Policy was based on the Bernie Sanders plan.

When our Constitution was written, the authors believed all men were created equal. In 2016, it is time for our government and laws to reflect that all humans were created equal. It is time for our policies to shut down all forms of discrimination.

Progressives must recognize that there are certain injustices that disproportionately affect our African-American, Latino, Asian, Native American and other minority communities. The following issues are not limited to only minorities, but do have a disproportionate effect on these communities. We hear the call for change. Progressives must also recognize that the changes below do not alone address the needs of our minority communities. Criminal and racial justice are only two of many issues on which our minority communities need action from progressives. Among other efforts, we need to invest in education, housing and job opportunities. Importantly, we must reverse minority healthcare disparities.

Implementation of the following policies will improve the human rights of every American and respond to the outcry from our minority communities. Although most police officers are honorable and hardworking, our country has an epidemic of police violence. Demilitarizing our police is essential to addressing this epidemic. Law enforcement personnel should employ community policing and should reflect the communities they serve. Our movement will hold police accountable for their actions. We must require, as well as fund, body cameras and data collection about police violence.

We must work to protect the voting rights of all Americans. Felony convicts who have paid their debt to society, more than two million of whom are African Americans, must have their right to vote restored. We can increase voter participation by making Election Day a federal holiday and by giving all voters the choice of no-fault absentee voting. States should remove the burden of registration from the voter by having automatic voter registration for every American who turns 18 or moves to another state. A right as basic and essential to our democracy as voting should not be lost due to a missed registration deadline.

The need to reform our justice system must include banning for-profit prisons. Failed programs, such as the War On Drugs and mandatory minimum sentences, disproportionately punish minorities. Drug treatment facilities should be the standard for non-violent drug users. Mental health treatment must be available to all Americans. Too often, the police are our only point of mental health intervention. Those who have been incarcerated need education and training to reintegrate into society. Justice must truly become blind to race to be effective.

Our ideal progressive Ensuring Human Rights, Racial Equality and Criminal Justice Reform plan was modeled on Bernie Sanders plan for Racial Justice.

America has always held up the idea of equality as one of our central promises. However, in each generation, we have struggled to bring this promise to more and more of our citizens. Today, we’re still working to extend this promise of equality to all. Although historic Supreme Court decisions and state laws have significantly advanced LGBTI rights in our country, we still have much further to go to achieve full equality.

Progressives should support the Equality Act, an expansion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We should work to pass the Every Child Deserves a Family Act and any other bill that prohibits discrimination against LGBTI people. We should work with our domestic health agencies and the State department to prevent both domestic health discrimination and protect LGBTI people, internationally. We should implement school policies to eliminate bullying and national policies that combat LGBTI suicides. We also need to ban financial discrimination against LGBTI Americans. Progressives should institute both policies and training to combat the long-standing issues that transgender people, particularly transgender women of color, have faced when it comes to policing.

Our ideal progressive LGBTI Equality plan was modeled on Bernie’s Fighting for LGBT Equality plan.

It’s unacceptable that, in the 21st century, women are still facing new attacks on their rights. Republican politicians have been trying to prevent women’s control over their own bodies, as well as access to necessary medical care and social services. Republicans also continue to fight hard against equal pay.

Our movement must work to eliminate gender and gender identity discrimination, by ending wage discrimination based on these factors. We should increase funding for Planned Parenthood and for other women’s health programs. Progressives should fight to ensure that contraception as well as safe and legal abortions are accessible to women of all income levels. Appointing and voting to confirm Supreme Court justices who will uphold Roe v. Wade and protect reproductive rights are key to protecting women’s rights. A progressive women’s rights policy will offer high-quality childcare and Pre-K to all Americans, especially to those who cannot currently afford it. Federal and state laws must require employers to provide at least twelve weeks of paid family leave. We must also require employers to provide at least one week of paid sick leave. Progressives should expand the WIC program, so that low-income mothers and children can get the nutritious food they need.

Our ideal progressive Women’s rights plan was based on Bernie’s Fighting for Women’s Rights plan.

Native Hawaiians and Native Americans have a uniqueness all their own in our fight for equality and justice. In our national fight for equality, we must not forget our Native people. Native Americans and Native Hawaiians are the descendants of the indigenous peoples of this nation. Both are groups of people who, by all rights, should have the ability to make decisions about their own government and about interference or assistance from the federal government. We also need a government that values Native Americans’ rights and views enough to include their leaders in the broader conversation. Importantly, progressives must honor and enforce all treaties and federal laws that protect Native American rights and lands.

We should respect Native American tribal sovereignty to prosecute non-Native people who commit crimes on tribal land. Native Americans must have authority over tribal housing. We should fully fund the Indian Housing Block Grant program. Native Americans and Native Hawaiians must be given the same protections and opportunities as all other Americans. These protections and opportunities must include access to clean energy, affordable housing, healthcare and fair wages. We must support legislation that protects Native lands from pollution due to pipelines and fracking. Our national tuition-free college plan will help break the cycle of Native American and Native Hawaiian poverty. Both communities have an unacceptably higher rate of uninsured people, than the national rate. A Medicare-for-all system would expand access to care for our Native populations.

We need to recognize that Hawaii imports more than 80% of its food. We can help Hawaii break from this dependence by encouraging Hawaii’s reliance on its year-round crops and by supporting Native Hawaiians’ sustainable and culturally-appropriate farming. The same is true for backing an energy plan that would assist Hawaii with its transition to clean energy, rather than supporting its continued reliance on expensive, imported fossil fuels. Key to transforming Hawaii’s energy system is offering grants to Native Hawaiians for creating and maintaining solar, wind and other renewable energy programs. Finally, the practice of incarcerating Native Hawaiians at disproportionate rates must end.

Our model progressive plan for Native American and Native Hawaiian Rights was based upon the following Bernie Sanders plans:


Although most elected Republicans, corporations and even some Democrats insist that we must cut Social Security, this program has successfully reduced poverty among seniors, veterans, widows and disabled Americans. Before Social Security was enacted, nearly half of seniors lived in poverty, while the rate now is about 10%. Progressives still can and should do more in order to eliminate poverty for recipients of Social Security.

Progressives should work to extend the life of Social Security by ”lifting the cap” on taxable income. Right now, a person who makes up to $118,500 per year pays Social Security taxes on 100% of their income, while anyone who makes over that amount pays taxes only on the first $118,500 they make. In other words, the current Social Security tax is a regressive tax; it hits the poor and middle class disproportionately. Raising the cap would extend and protect the program for 50 years and pay for an increase in monthly benefits. Many politicians, including some Democrats, have pushed to decrease the amount added to Social Security checks each year. This increase is supposed to cover the rate of inflation and the resulting increased cost-of-living expenses (called COLA). Veterans, seniors, widows and disabled Americans have a right to live their lives with dignity, but the current formula used to calculate the COLA doesn’t take into account the fact that many recipients already can’t keep up with rising healthcare costs. About one-third of recipients rely on Social Security as their only income. 1 out of 5 seniors is trying to survive on an average $8,300 per year. Progressives must increase the COLA to better reflect rising healthcare costs and to ensure the ability of low-income recipients to afford basic necessities. Americans shouldn’t have to chose between food, heat and medications.

This model progressive Social Security plan was based on Bernie Sanders’s plan to Strengthen and Expand Social Security.

Roughly, 1 in 5 Americans live with a disability. Yet, too often, politicians ignore the needs of disabled Americans. Progressives must fight for the rights of those with disabilities. Although the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 made significant progress, disabled Americans still often struggle financially, have fewer job opportunities and still face civil rights violations. Progressives must address the housing, transportation, education and other needs of our country’s disabled community.

Our movement should fight to protect the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. An average $1,200 check often means people going without basic necessities. If working people can't live on less than $15 per hour, people who rely solely on SSDI and other disability programs, certainly can’t live on less than $15,000 per year. Because an overwhelming 80% of those with disabilities are unemployed, progressives should support increasing employment and educational opportunities for disabled Americans who are seeking work. We need to fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as well as Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs), which provide long-term disability care. The U.S. ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities treaty would guarantee more rights to disabled Americans. One of the most pressing obstacles to disabled citizens obtaining medical care is our government’s patchwork of inadequate health programs. A Medicare-for-all plan would address this common healthcare obstacle.

Our ideal progressive Disability Rights plan was based on Bernie Sanders’s plan Fighting for Disability Rights.

The people of Puerto Rico and Guam are natural-born citizens of the United States, Yet, they don’t have the same rights that other natural-born citizens automatically have. They are effectively second-class citizens. Our country’s current political policies do not adequately address the distinct needs of Puerto Ricans and Guamanians. Our movement must change this unjust reality and include Puerto Rico and Guam in our progressive national priorities.

Both Puerto Rico and Guam deserve to be able to hold a political referendum about their own political futures. Just like all Americans, citizens of Puerto Rico and Guam deserve federal political representation and the right to vote for President. We also should assist Puerto Rico and Guam with transitioning to clean energy, rather than supporting their continued reliance on expensive imported oil. We need to include both Puerto Rico and Guam in our national jobs plan.

Puerto Rico deserves the same financial rights and protections that our country grants to every other American municipality. But instead, Congress passed and President Obama enacted, the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (also known as PROMESA - the Spanish word for promise). Progressives should recognize how disastrous this law is for Puerto Rico, because the law replaces Puerto Rico’s democratic process with a congressionally-imposed control board. This control board will force drastic austerity measures on the Puerto Rican people. Puerto Rico already has about 60% real unemployment and a 58% childhood poverty rate. Even though Puerto Rico has a $70 billion debt and its most vulnerable citizens are already facing cuts to essential services, Puerto Rico is now required by PROMESA, to pay $370 million to administer the board. We must fight to protect Puerto Rico’s most vulnerable citizens, rather than harming them more. Our movement should support Chapter 9 protections for Puerto Rico and an audit of its debt, to see if the debt was issued illegally. Members of Congress have proposed alternate legislation to PROMESA and have urged the Fed to provide low-interest loans to Puerto Rico. In 2008, the Fed acted quickly to stabilize the national U.S. economy; the Fed should do the same for Puerto Rico. Progressives must overturn PROMESA, enact alternative legislation and grant Puerto Rico the rights to negotiate debt that our states already have. Puerto Rico’s children, teachers, elderly and poor shouldn’t have to suffer even more than they already have because of lenders’ immoral debt practices.

Guam would benefit from national College-for-All, Medicare-for-all and infrastructure plans. A modernized infrastructure plan would help Guam’s outdated power grid and their rolling blackouts. But importantly, Guam has specific needs and enduring injustices that must be addressed by our progressive politicians. The people of Guam deserve compensation for being subjected to nuclear testing and for enduring abuses during World War II. Although our U.S. military is important to Guam’s economy, military activities there must not damage the environment, must respect Guam’s history and culture and should provide opportunities to local businesses. Military contractors must be required to pay local taxes. Progressives must recognize that many of our American soldiers come from Guam and acknowledge the resulting sacrifice this service entails. We should also support a review to ensure that Guam receives adequate federal funding to provide for migrants.

This model progressive Standing with Puerto Rico and Guam plan was based on the following Bernie Sanders plans and on Bernie Sanders’ Senate speech against PROMESA:

Our country’s working Americans have suffered from decades of trade policies enacted by politicians who originally promised that these policies would benefit all workers. Instead many American towns and cities have seen jobs shipped overseas and have subsequently seen their local economies collapse. It’s time for progressives to recognize the effects of our country’s trade policies and to implement fair trade policies instead. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR, and other trade policies should be abandoned or fundamentally reformed because they incentivize offshoring of jobs and the destruction of our economy.

Fair trade policies put Americans to work, preserve our jobs, and expand our economy. Progressive trade policies should be implemented in a way that benefits the 99%. Trade policies such as NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR and the proposed TPP have the opposite effect. Our current policies benefit the wealthiest 1%, at the expense of the rest of Americans; current policies drive down wages and offshore jobs to nations that do not protect worker rights. If companies want to sell their products in America, they should manufacture their products in America.

Current trade policies enable companies, such as Norwegian Air International, to outsource cheap labor from other nations, at the expense of U.S. workers. If the Department of Transportation approved Norwegian Air International’s outsourcing plan, it would threaten thousands of airline jobs. Our present trade policies have also expanded the outsourcing of our food supply to nations with less stringent environmental, labor, and safety regulations. This outsourcing harms both our health and our domestic family farming. A progressive trade policy should end laws under which corporations are allowed to defer or delay U.S. income taxes on overseas profits. Tax loopholes that provide additional incentives to offshore jobs must be closed. Progressives should oppose tax inversion laws, under which American companies avoid taxes by acquiring or merging with much smaller foreign businesses.

Our ideal Fair Trade and TPP policy was developed based on the following Bernie Sanders plans:


America must show its strength and leadership through peaceful resolution of international conflicts, not through wars. Our country should increase its global influence through diplomacy, humanitarian action and economic support. War should always be our country’s last resort, but our security, vital interests and our morality mean that sometimes, military action is necessary.

Our movement should support an international coalition to fight terrorist groups who are a threat to America. Key to a progressive foreign policy are non-military efforts to target terror funding and to combat online radicalization. We should advocate against unilateral military action and for defining the scope of any future military action.

At home, we must protect Americans from organized international and lone-wolf terrorists. We must, though, also balance our security with civil liberties and privacy rights. Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies do important work. At the same time, they need oversight to ensure that in the process, Americans’ rights are protected. Our military and Pentagon budgets are essential to keeping our country safe and they must be updated to reflect our current threats, not ones from decades past.

A progressive stance on Israel and Palestine includes support for a two-state solution in which each state has a right to exist in peace, with security and with mutual recognition. Israel and Palestine each have a right to a politically and economically-independent homeland. The U.S. should lead international efforts to achieve a two-state solution.

Progressives should support the 2016 Iran deal. If Iran acquired nuclear weapons, It would be dangerous to the region and to our allies and would also spark a nuclear arms race in nearby countries. If Iran does not live up to the Iran Deal, sanctions may be reimposed. If Iran moves toward a nuclear weapon, all available options remain on the table, but war must continue to be our last option. We must give the negotiated agreement with Iran, a chance to succeed.

Our ideal progressive War, Peace, Foreign Policy, Security and Iran Deal plan was modeled on the following Bernie Sanders plans:

Even though America relies on its rural communities for food and other resources, rural needs often are left out of our national priorities. We should not allow these communities to be ignored or to fall behind. A progressive rural agenda should promote family farming and strengthen rural economies.

The proliferation of agribusinesses has resulted in the loss of over 300,000 farmers in the past 20 years. Now, just four corporations control 82% of the nation’s beef cattle market, 85% of soybean processing, and 63% of pork processing. Government subsidies, originally established for family farmers, are instead currently going to agribusinesses. Contrary to their original purpose, these subsidies have enabled agribusinesses to take most of the market share away from family farmers. These subsidy laws must be reformed, so that they protect and support family farms. Progressive candidates should support investment in wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and other sources of renewable energy for rural communities. Renewable energy benefits family farms by reducing these farms’ dependence on fossil fuels. Promoting the use of biofuels from crops grown by family farms, directly benefits rural communities and builds local rural economies. A progressive approach to our rural communities also requires investment in rebuilding rural energy grids and in the expansion of rural broadband and high-speed internet services. Federal investment in rebuilding and maintaining our dams will improve water supplies to rural communities. These policies will ensure that progressives include the needs of rural Americans and their economies in our national priorities.

This ideal progressive policy platform was based on Bernie plans for improving rural America.

In our country, Americans are still dying due to lack of health insurance. Insured people often must take to crowdfunding sites to pay their costs. Patients too often go without necessary and lifesaving medications, simply because they can’t afford drugs without giving up other basic necessities. Our country’s healthcare situation is immoral and unjust. Yet, it can be fixed. Like all other industrialized nations, the U.S. should implement universal healthcare.

Because Medicare is currently our country’s most cost-effective insurance system, every American should be able to benefit from Medicare. We need a plan that would cover everything from birth to long-term/palliative care as well as cover dental, vision and mental health services. Currently, these needs often are unmet by our health systems and present patients and families with unbearable financial burden. We should also push our government health agencies to create an AIDS and HIV-Free Generation. Our government should be allowed to negotiate drug prices (currently not allowed by law). Nurses are an integral part of our healthcare system and can fill our nation’s shortage of healthcare providers. We should support legislation to increase the number of nurses, better train them, ensure better working conditions for nurses and make nurses full partners with doctors in redesigning our healthcare system.

This ideal progressive Health and Healthcare plan was based on the following Bernie Sanders policies:


Veterans chose to make honorable and selfless sacrifices in order to protect our country. Caring for our veterans should be one of America’s highest priorities and our country’s innate moral obligation. Taking care of veterans is as essential a cost of war as paying for the equipment used in the war, itself. Yet too often, our country’s politicians don’t prioritize policies and funding for soldiers, once these soldiers return from service.

We must care for veterans’ families who have lost their mothers, fathers, husbands and wives. It’s our country’s responsibility to care for injured vets, no matter which injury they’ve suffered: whether our veterans have lost a limb, become paralyzed, need mental health support, have PTSD, TBIs and/or are at risk of suicide. The VA Caregivers program and veterans’ mental health services must be expanded. Progressives must continue to fight for full funding of the VA, for hiring more VA doctors/nurses and to immediately decrease VA wait times. We must continue to strengthen care and support for soldiers and veterans who have been sexually assaulted while they were serving in the military. We must expedite the processing of veterans’ disability claims; there’s no reason for veterans to wait as long as they currently do for benefits and services. Progressives should provide assistance and training to ensure that vets are able to get jobs and to reintegrate into life back home.

Finally, progressives must, once and for all, end veteran homelessness. In recent years, federal and local politicians have worked to reduce the number of homeless veterans and have met with some success. But we must not rest until every veteran has a home.

This model Caring for Our Veterans progressive plan was based upon Bernie Sanders’ plan for veterans.

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