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  • U.S. House, Arizona, District 3 - Incumbent;

    About Raúl

    Raúl has a thirty-year record of exceptional public service in Southern Arizona. Raúl, his wife Ramona, and their three daughters, Adelita, Raquel and Marisa, have a lifelong commitment to improving the quality of life in the Southern Arizona community.

    Raúl began his public career as a community organizer and continues to be an advocate for underrepresented constituencies in Tucson and Southern Arizona. In the 1970s he joined with other advocates at El Rio Community Health Center, (a once small local community health services clinic that Raúl and several others established in Tucson), to encourage local governments to invest in older and minority neighborhoods. He helped organize neighborhood empowerment efforts that prompted the City of Tucson to expand services to the south and west sides, including the construction of neighborhood service centers such as El Rio, El Pueblo and Fred Archer. He directed the El Pueblo Neighborhood Center from 1975 to 1986. More

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    Party Affiliation : Democrat
    Primary Election Date: 8/28/2018
    General Election Date: 11/6/2018
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    Endorsed By: Bernie Sanders
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    Jobs and Economy

    Raúl is an outspoken leader for a new middle class tax cut and more investments in new areas of job creation and economic growth. We need more, not less, of a focus on how we can get America working again. We can make this happen not only by improving and maintaining our basic infrastructure – roads, schools, public transportation – but by building a new energy- and environment-savvy economy based on clean power sources, smart grid technology and conservation rather than unlimited consumption. (Read more)

    Campaign Finance Reform

    The current campaign finance system has failed the American people, plain and simple. As a result of the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Citizens United vs FEC, an already powerful class of wealthy contributors and corporations were granted even greater influence on elections and public policy. As a member of Congress, I have fought to restore the sanctity of our democracy by giving the power back to the American people, where it belongs. (Read more)

    Criminal Justice Reform

    Earlier this Congress Raúl introduced the Justice is Not for Sale Act to end the unconscionable abuses of our private prison industry. Certain companies have made enormous profits by getting lucrative prison contracts at taxpayer expense, and that needs to end. As Raúl told the Campaign for America’s Future then, and as he still believes now, our corrections system exists to uphold justice – not to house innocent refugees or feed the greed of corporate interests. By treating prisoners and detainees as sources of profit rather than as individual human beings, we’re incentivizing jailers to lobby for even more inmates. The prison industry is getting rich while countless men, women and children — many of them innocent or nonviolent offenders — are ensnared in a trap with lifelong consequences. (Read more)


    Raúl has always made improving our public education system at all levels a cornerstone of his time in Congress. He believes our nation’s long-term strength depends on an educated population. Ensuring that our children are well positioned to participate in civic society and compete economically will always be a key focus of his legislative and constituent work. (Read more)


    As Ranking Member on the National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands Subcommittee, Raúl has fought to preserve our public lands and make sure their unique needs are considered in our legislative climate change efforts. (Read more)

    Protecting the Grand Canyon

    Raúl believes the Grand Canyon is more than a place on a map or a job creator for Arizona. It’s a beautiful reminder of our nation’s history and a living symbol of our urge to leave our greatest natural places unspoiled. Our children and our children’s children shouldn’t have to wonder whether the Grand Canyon or its surroundings will ever be threatened with excessive pollution or mining development. (Read more)

    Health Care

    Raúl voted in favor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the most significant overhaul of American health care policy in decades. He remains committed to fighting Republican attempts to repeal it or de-fund parts of the bill that improve health care delivery and affordability and ensure that peoples’ livelihoods are not undermined by excessive bottom-line thinking in the health insurance industry. (Read more)

    Housing and Foreclosures

    Raúl is working to help keep more Americans in their homes and hold lenders and banks accountable. (Read more)


    Our borders have become a convenient tool for Republicans who want to keep our immigration system broken for political gain. The louder the American people call for comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level, the harder the GOP opposes it by describing any attempt to fix our employment, labor and naturalization laws as “amnesty.” Raúl believes we need to take the issue seriously rather than reduce it to a heated slogan and let the problem get worse. (Read more)


    Raúl believes that our federal policies must nurture innovation and technological advancements that position our nation’s workforce at the forefront of the green jobs movement. The transition to cleaner alternative energy and the rebuilding of our manufacturing base here in the United States are questions of national welfare. He supports climate legislation not only to protect vulnerable landscapes and populations, but as a spur to energy efficiency and a new generation of economic opportunities. Raúl continues to be a close partner with the labor movement and a strong advocate for workers’  rights in Washington. (Read more)

    LGBT Rights

    Despite the recent progress such as last year’s marriage equality ruling, we have made to eliminate discriminative laws and promote an environment of acceptance, the LGBT community continues to face deeply rooted institutional and social discrimination throughout America. The fact remains that there are still far too many laws that systemically oppress our LGBT family, friends, and neighbors. Not only are these laws harmful to American business and our reputation as a country, but they are morally bankrupt. As a member of Congress, Raúl has worked vigorously to guarantee that every American, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, is treated equally under the law. (Read more)

    National Security

    I believe that the best policies address the root causes of national and international conflicts rather than exploiting fear or offering a false sense of security. Our domestic and foreign policies should occupy the moral high ground and reflect the best of American values: acceptance of diversity, fairness, and a commitment to civil rights. Since I was elected to Congress, I have helped make sure that we exercise a high degree of caution before we enter into costly wars that risk the lives of our young men and women. In addition, I have worked to ensure that the United States remains a nation where the world’s most vulnerable people can find refuge and live in peace. (Read more)

    Seniors and Retirement

    Raúl believes we all owe a commitment to those who spent their lives building the nation we are proud to call home. Seniors should not have to spend their retirement days in poverty. That’s why Raúl is leading the charge to oppose any Social Security cuts. The program doesn’t add to the debt and helps retirees keep a good standard of living. We need to strengthen it, not start hacking away at one of the fundamental agreements between the government and the American people. (Read more)

    Rosemont Mine

    Augusta Resource Corp., a Canadian mining firm, wants to build the Rosemont Mine in the scenic Santa Rita Mountains outside Tucson. They claim it’s just good business and that they want to bring jobs to the area. Here’s what they’re not telling you. (Read more)

    Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

    Recently, the United States, along with 11 other countries throughout the Pacific region, finalized an enormous trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Raúl fears this deal is a continuation of failed American trade policies that have caused massive job loss, reduced environmental and labor standards, and diminished prescription drug accessibility. That’s why Raúl has led the effort in Congress to stop the TPP and fundamentally change our trade strategy so that it promotes the interests of all Americans, not just powerful corporations. (Read more)

    Veterans and Their Families

    When our nation’s political leaders choose to send our men and women to war, they must be prepared to stand up to protect their families’ economic security. Raúl believes the government should stand behind our veterans by ensuring they have the resources to cover their health and economic needs, including fully funding the costs of their physical and mental rehabilitation. Raúl has co-sponsored legislation to improve veteran meeting halls nationwide and values the participation of veterans’ groups in community life all around the country. (Read more)

    Women’s Rights

    Raúl believes that it’s time to put women and families first. This means guaranteeing equal pay for equal work, protecting reproductive health rights and ensuring paid sick and maternity leave. Progress has been made, but much more needs to be done to address the challenges and diminished opportunities women face. Since he was first elected to Congress, Raúl has proudly championed policies that will begin to achieve equality for women. In the 115th Congress, Raúl looks forward to using the growing momentum to move these policies over the finish line once and for all. (Read more)

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