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We're promoting any candidate that aligns with the following progressive agenda/platform: https://www.candidatesforprogress.com/welcome.

If there is no progressive in your area, we advise you to vote for someone who aligns closest to the progressive platform. You could consider running for office yourself the next election cycle!
Please visit https://go.berniesanders.com/page/signup/win or https://ourrevolution.com/action or email info@ourrevolution.com for more information on how to run for office in your area.

Anyone can register a candidate to get listed on the website. A candidate will be listed on the website after the candidate's platform is vetted and goes through the approval process.

If you are a candidate already listed on this site and would like to claim your listing please email us at contact@candidatesforprogress.com.

We have no affiliation with Bernie Sanders or Our Revolution.
You can contact Our Revolution and nominate a Candidate or a Ballot Initiative

Candidates should list with our site because right now we are in the process of building what we hope to be the central hub for progressive candidates.

We are neither a PAC nor a Super PAC. We are grassroots volunteers who are dedicated to promoting and electing progressive candidates.

We are not fundraising for candidates however most candidates have funding links available on their profile pages.

To add a candidate to our site, first you must create an account with Candidates for Progress. Click here to create an account.

Once you have created your account, login. You will be redirected to My Account where you can add a candidate.

On the right is where your add your candidate listing.

Just click "Add Listing" under "Add/Edit My Candidate Listing".

From there, you can choose the proper listing category for your candidate type (National, State or Local).

Upon click you will be redirected to Add Listing page for your candidate type.

If your office type does not fall under any category we have created or you are confused on which to choose please contact us, we will either make a suggestion or create a new category for your unique office.

If you are suggesting a candidate for us to consider, click "No" next to Business Owner. This leaves the ability for the actual candidate to claim the listing at a later time.

Please perform the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Close the website
2. Clear your browser history and cache, close the website, then reopen your browser

Want to suggest a candidate for us to consider? Are you running for office and want to be considered for posting? Do you see your listing on our site and want to claim and control the content? It all starts with registration:[button link="https://www.candidatesforprogress.com/become-a-member-of-candidates-for-progress" color="blue" size="xlarge" stretch="" type="3d" shape="" target="_self" title="" gradient_colors="|" gradient_hover_colors="|" accent_color="" accent_hover_color="" bevel_color="" border_width="1px" icon="" icon_divider="yes" icon_position="left" modal="" animation_type="rubberBand" animation_direction="down" animation_speed="0.1" alignment="left" class="" id=""]Register Here[/button]

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